Lorraine Packham

Hockey | Inducted: 2012

Born East Fremantle WA
9 December 1937

Lorraine (Laurie) Packham was an exceptionally fast, agile and skilful left winger in the sport of hockey, who was an All Australian representative for nine consecutive years and was captain in 1966 and 1967.

As women's hockey was not then an Olympic sport, Laurie also competed in two World Championships which were also held every four years. The first was in Baltimore, USA in 1963 and the second in Leverkusen, Germany, 1967 where she was the captain and the playing coach.

Laurie was a tenacious, exceptionally speedy forward with excellent passing and ball control skills. As well as scoring goals she was responsible for the setting up of countless others and was an important player in the short corner battery. A testament to her ability and skill was that she played first grade hockey for 25 years.