Performance Enhancement Division

Performance Enhancement Division

The Western Australian Institute of Sport operates its dedicated training programs within three linked clusters of sports which collectively form a Performance Enhancement Division (PED).


Each of the clustered training programs are identified as Performance Enhancement Teams (PET). The combination of sports within each PET are strategically aligned in connection to the role that WAIS plays in supporting the specific sport’s development pathway.


The PET structure promotes a coach led, athlete focused framework that strives to achieve high performance outcomes by engaging a connected network of support and service staff, who work collaboratively across each sport within their respective cluster. Each PET is managed by an individual Performance Enhancement Team Director.


Under the Performance Enhancement Division model, each Performance Enhancement Team is provided access to high quality; coaching, medical, psychology, bio-mechanics, physiology, nutrition, athlete wellbeing and engagement and strength and conditioning services.


The Performance Enhancement Teams are structured by the following clusters:


  •  PET - Podium: Athletics and Swimming
  •  PET - National: Sailing, Canoeing, Water Polo (men’s), Water Polo (women’s) and the Individual Athlete Support Program (IASP)
  •  PET - Pathways: Cycling, Rowing, Diving, Hockey (men’s), Hockey (women’s) and Netball