Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine is a vital area of concern for all athletes. It is rare if not impossible to find an athlete who has had an injury or illness free career. WAIS is committed to providing access to medical services to all athletes using practitioners who are experienced in working with, and caring for, elite athletes.

The Institute has developed a network of doctors, physiotherapists, masseurs and dietitians to cover the metropolitan area. These service providers are highly recommended as individuals who have successfully assisted elite athletes.

Medical Policy

The WAIS Medical Policy addresses issues from drug testing, medical procedures, insurance to vaccinations against infectious diseases. It is important that all athletes familiarise themselves with the details contained in this policy, in addition to the WAIS Anti Doping Policy. These policies are available under the Policies Tab.

For athletes requiring further information on any sport medicine services, please contact WAIS at outlining the area of interest and the email will be forwarded to the relevant person to answer.

For public enquiries, please email: or phone: (08) 9387 8166