Individual Athlete Support Program


The WAIS Individual Athlete Support Program (IASP) provides services and support to Western Australian high performance athletes who are not scholarship holders with a WAIS operated sport program.


The IASP contains both a scholarship program and a grants program. The scholarship program is designed to assist athletes who need access to WAIS services and facilities to support an externally coached and managed training environment. The grants program assists current or former WAIS scholarship holders who have been required to move to a National Sport Organisation approved training program outside of Western Australia. The grant provides either assistance to relocate or to retain contact with their family and friends in WA once relocated.


For an athlete to be eligible for the IASP they must be a registered Western Australian athlete competing in an event on the next Olympic/Paralympic (summer or winter) or Commonwealth Games. Athletes will only be awarded either scholarship or a grant within the one year.


IASP Scholarships

Scholarships are awarded based on the athlete’s current and forecast performance standard. There are six categories of scholarship available which are defined in the table below. For an athlete to be considered for the Podium Potential and higher levels they must be currently nominated to one of these categories by their NSO. The scholarship benefits are assigned based on scholarship category and individualised to assist the athlete’s specific requirements.


Podium Pathway Category
Podium Athlete who had a medal performance at a world championship (or equivalent) event in the previous 24 months and is considered capable of a medal at the next world championship (or equivalent) event.
Podium Ready * Athlete who placed fourth to eighth at the most recent world championship (or equivalent) event and is considered capable of progressing to Podium in the next two years
Commonwealth Gold * Athlete who does not fit into the categories above but is considered capable of a gold medal at the 2018 Commonwealth Games.
Podium Potential *** Athlete who is considered capable of progressing to at least Podium Ready in the next two years.
Developing Athlete who is considered capable of progressing to at least Podium Potential in the next two years.
Emerging Athlete who is considered capable of progressing to at least Developing in the next two years.
Other Category Description
International Athlete who does not satisfy any of the Podium Pathway category criteria but has earned selection for the national senior team or squad preparing for the NSOs benchmark event.


Selection Guidelines

The following guidelines will be used to assess each application. Please note that the performance criteria outlined below should not be viewed in isolation, as ALL selection guidelines will be taken into account.

  • The athlete’s current National Sporting Organisation (NSO) AWE athlete category.
  • Athlete performance from relevant WAIS targeted events over the past 12 months. Targeted events may include:
    • Olympic Games
    • World Championships
    • Commonwealth Games
    • Sports specific targeted event recognised by the ASC
  • The athlete’s personal behaviour alignment to the WAIS values of People and Excellence in pursuit of high performance outcomes.
  • The amount of time spent in the Western Australian Institute of Sport Daily Training Environment.
  • The number of competitors and countries competing in the sport at an international level.

IASP Grants

IASP grants are available to support athlete relocations or home visits for former scholarship holders. Applications are made through the same process as for IASP scholarships.


Application Process and Selection Criteria

Applicants can access the 2017/18 Western Australian Institute of Sport - Individual Athlete Support Program information and application form here.


As funding is limited applications will be prioritised on a top down approach aligned with WAIS goals and key performance indicators.


Please view the Individual Athlete Support Program (IASP) Athlete selection Policy here.


Please ensure application forms are submitted to WAIS from the relevant National Sporting Organisation by COB 25th September 2017.