Athlete Wellbeing & Engagement

Athlete Wellbeing and Engagement

The Western Australian Institute of Sport has taken on board a national directive that has built upon the success of the previous Athlete Career and Education (ACE) and Personal Excellence (PE) networks, which aimed to enhance athletes' ability to make informed decisions that impact performance in sport and life.

Athletes live, train and compete within a complex environment. This is balanced against study and work requirements which are blended in a new age of instantaneous social media and other external pressures. 


Through a multifaceted approach, athletes will be provided guidance, resources and educational opportunities to achieve personal and professional empowerment and become professional, accountable, responsible and resilient in their approach towards sport and life.


Each Performance Enhancement Team (PET) at WAIS has a dedicated Athlete Wellbeing and Engagement Advisor to assist in delivering services including: 

  • Athlete roadmaps, including inductions to high performance sport and benchmark representative teams, along with transition guidance and planning to post career support
  • Formal and informal learning, in addition to career guidance and education advice
  • Third party provider referral networks
  • Resource development 
For more information about WAIS or Athlete Wellbeing and Engagement services please email: or call WAIS on: 9387 8166.