Podium Finish in Sight for the Three-Person Sonar Crew

Sailing | Published: Fri 16 September 2016

Following a number of solid performances in the opening races, Russell Boaden and Colin Harrison are in a strong position heading into the final day of the Three-Person Sonar sailing competition at Rio 2016.

Having held on to the overall first place position throughout the whole competition, the Australian Three-Person Sonar crew are standing in good stead to bring home a medal. 

The trio are currently sitting happily in first place, holding a ten point lead over their nearest competitors from the USA.

With only three races left, if the Australians maintain their current level of performance they are destined for a medal.
After the completion of the first eight races, Colin Harrison, Russell Boaden and team mate Jonathon Harris have only finished outside of the top three twice, along with earning two first place finishes.
The total points of each team is calculated by adding up their finishing positions from each race and the highest number is then removed as an outlier.
This system gives Australia a current points total of 16.
The Three-Person Sonar crew will now compete in races nine, ten and eleven in the hopes of maintaining their position and winning the gold medal.