Personal Excellence | 6 Top Tips to Kick-Start your Sponsorship Drive

ACE | Published: Mon 12 June 2017

Think you have what it takes to lead a brand? Is your story one that makes people take notice? Do you reflect the values that make you a perfect fit for a sponsor’s product? If you’ve answered yes, then it’s time to make it happen!


All developing athletes will recognise and understand the pressures that come with high level training/study loads and expensive costs related to sports travel, equipment and competition.


Whilst effective time-management skills and flexible work-arrangements are the primary tools used to achieve good balance between sport, career and education focuses, assistance can also be pro-actively targeted through sponsorship and fundraising campaigns.


Personal Excellence Advisor Garry Moss has recently spearheaded a successful Athlete Fundraising Education Program at WAIS – designed to empower self-starting athletes, who are engaged in developing their own personal brand.


Sharpen your pencils and get your highlighters ready, Garry has shared his Top Six Tips below:


  • Find the right fit! Select the company or individual that you feel will be capable, interested and more importantly, willing to sponsor you. Research the company/individual – find out important information about them. Learn about their brand, decide whether it aligns with you as a person and reflects your values.
  • Sell yourself! Prepare a written proposal, make sure that it is properly addressed to the right individual. This proposal where applicable should be tailored in a way to fit and reflect with the company’s image. Think about what makes you great? Tell them why they should want to support you!
  • Spread the word! Submit your proposal and wherever possible, do it in person. Although you might be handing it to a secretary, make sure you are appropriately dressed. Remember, your image is your brand!
  • Show them you’re keen! Follow up your written proposal with a phone call and try to set up a face to face meeting. This is where you can sit down and actually have the opportunity to impress them. It’s your chance to make them want to sponsor you. Tap into your sporting network to help find appropriate contacts.
  • Close the deal! Negotiate in person. Determine a product, service or financial arrangement that works for you. Always ask the question – will this help me get to where I want to go?
  • Be the best you! Service your sponsor, live up to your obligations and keep in regular communication with them so that you can go back again in future. Never presume it’s a one-time deal and don’t promise what you can’t deliver!


Give these tips a go and remember to pack your can-do attitude! Whilst it mightn’t happen first time, you’ll only know if you’ve given it a go! Good luck!