WAIS Nutrition: Christmas Gift Guide

Sports Nutrition | Published: Thu 7 December 2017

Have you got a friend or family member who is either an athlete or enjoys exercise and are unsure of what to give them for Christmas? Well we have the answers for you! Why not give the gift of nutrition and help them support their athletic goals?

WAIS Sports Dietitian, Terreen Stenvers has put together a list of five possible gift ideas for the most active people in your life.

  • #1 An Original NutriBullet
With 600 watts of power, the NutriBullet extracts nutrition from nutrient dense whole foods, providing an easy, tasty, highly absorbable way to consume superfoods like spinach, berries and beets. You could also consider a VeggieBullet that spiralises, shreds and slices whole vegetables in seconds! 
  • #2 A Subscription to the Australian Healthy Food Guide Magazine
Dietitians recommend this magazine as a source of easy, nutrient rich recipes that are easy to prepare. An added bonus for athletes is that every recipe has a complete nutritional analysis.
  • #3 A Healthy Meal
Surprise a family member or friend by making them a beautiful healthy meal and presenting it to them in a lovely new storage container. Athletes love Tupperware and Décor!
  • #4 A Healthy Snack Basket
Put together a basket full of fresh fruits, nuts, wholegrain crackers, Chobani yogurt and homemade dips, wrap it in cellophane and finish off with a beautiful festive ribbon. 
  • #5 An Insulated Lunch Bag
Buy them an insulated lunch bag to help keep their food cool and fresh during the summer months. Howards Storage World has a range of boxes and bags to help make planning their nutrition a cinch!