Sport Programs Overview

WAIS delivers support to Western Australia's elite and developing elite athletes through dedicated sport programs in which WAIS operates the daily training environment with support from the sport's National Sporting Organisation (NSO) and State Sporting Organisation (SSO).


Athletes from sports outside of the 12 current WAIS programs are also eligible for support through WAIS, via the Individual Athlete Support Program (IASP).

Sport Programs


On the basis of a sport's rating against specific criteria, WAIS will operate and manage a Sport Program as agreed in a formal partnership with the sport's National Sporting Organisation (NSO) and the State Sporting Organisation (SSO).


The program constitutes a core element of the SSO and NSO elite athlete pathway. WAIS will employ a Program coach, or coaches, to lead and direct the Program.


At present WAIS conducts 12 Sports Programs as well as individual support to athletes in Olympic/Paralympic programs not run within WAIS (Individual Athlete Support Program - IASP). 


WAIS Program coaches work closely with national coaches to ensure that the emphasis and direction of the WAIS program is consistent with the national direction.


The selection of an athlete in a WAIS program is based on specified criteria that are focussed on supporting elite and potential elite athletes.


The number of athletes on WAIS scholarship at any one time will typically range between 200 - 250 athletes. 

WAIS Sports Program Information



  • Maximise WA representation on National teams;
  • Maximise the WA contribution to Australian world-class performances.

Scholarship Classification


All WAIS athletes will be classified into five scholarship categories according to their current performance standard and against a capability framework. A schedule of benefits will be defined and offered as per their scholarship categorisation. These categories are generically defined as follows:



WAIS offers a range of services to athletes as prioritised on the basis of the athlete scholarship tier and needs identified by their coach. Services may include coaching, gym access, sports psychology, biomechanics, physiology, nutrition and career and education guidance.


In addition to these services WAIS may also offer direct financial support to offset competition travel expenses, coaching fees, venue access fees and medical costs. All services offered by WAIS are at the discretion of the PET Director.


Queries on Selection


Any queries on selection should be made directly to the PET Director.


De-selection Process


An athlete may request to end their scholarship at any time by informing the PET Director in writing. WAIS can initiate termination of an athlete's scholarship after a formal review based on the athlete's current performances and level of commitment.