Adam Deans

Name: Adam Deans


Disability: Physical Impairment – Left leg above knee limb loss – Acquired through cancer


Sport: Wheelchair Basketball


Age: 28


Paralympic Experience: Debut


Dates Competing:


Day 1: Australia vs Netherlands

Day 2: Australia vs Turkey

Day 3: Australia vs Canada

Day 4: Australia vs Spain

Day 5: Australia vs Japan

Day 7: Men’s Quarter-Finals

Day 8: Men’s Semi-Finals

Day 10: Men’s Finals


Bio Information:

In 2005 Adam fell down a flight of stairs, whilst at school, and broke his leg. This occurrence is how doctors identified the presence of a cancerous tumour in his left femur. Three months following the discovery Deans’ leg was amputated above the knee.

His interest in wheelchair basketball became apparent in 2009 when Adam accompanied Brant Garvey to his wheelchair basketball training.

The same year he began playing, Deans debuted for the Perth Wheelcats whilst also being selected to represent Australia at the IWBF Under-23 World Wheelchair Basketball Championships in Paris.

Again in 2009, he was awarded the Wheelchair Sports WA Rookie of the Year.

Adam is a regular motivational speaker and life coach whilst his passion for learning has seen him follow a degree in sports science with post grad studies in education.

He is also an ambassador for Sock it to Sarcoma charity and is passionate about raising awareness and funds for Sarcoma research.


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Twitter - @adam_deans

Instagram - @adam_deans